Brand Sh*tposting: Committing to the Bit

Brand shit posting
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Gen Z craves authenticity online, especially from the brands they engage with. They want brands that get it. Brands that know the latest audio, use the trending video formats, and make on the nose memes. This has led to the rise and rise of brand shitposting, with Gen Z marketing teams who are well-versed in online discourse in hot demand. Let’s dive into this phenomenon.



Shitposting refers to the act of creating and sharing deliberately low-quality or nonsensical content, often with the intention of being humorous, provocative, or disruptive. Think overcooked filters, messy fonts, or long, spiralling tangents. It typically involves the use of memes, inside jokes, and unconventional or controversial ideas to elicit reactions or engage with online communities. Shitposting can be seen as a form of internet culture and social commentary, where the focus is on subverting traditional norms of online communication and embracing a more chaotic and irreverent approach.





Lionsgate is a prime example of a brand that is shitposting successfully. They’ve truly mastered TikTok with consistently viral videos that cater to TikTok users. Their outrageously silly and overcooked formats push boundaries and resonate well with Gen Z. If you aren’t chronically online, this content might just go over your head, but TikTok users are chronically online. 

@lionsgate couldnt be me 💀 #sawx #newreleases #movierecommendation ♬ Animan Studio


Walking confidently along the ‘Is this too far’ line is working undeniably well for Lionsgate. It goes without saying that Lionsgate can lean on its brand recognition in a way many brands can’t, but it’s still worth taking a look at their feed if you’re interested in what type of content is really hitting for Gen Z.



On a local level, Telstra is doing a pretty epic job at shitposting. From engaging in the comment section to having a tongue-in-cheek bio—they’re completely committing to the bit. 

@telstraOi snitch quicker, snitch better. Don’t make me tell u again. Forward your scams to 7226.♬ original sound – Telstra


You’ll notice both of these brands aren’t fronted by an actual person, instead leaning on designed (albeit intentionally terribly) content or CapCut templates to deliver whatever message it is to Gen Z’s eyes.



UP & GO is another brand that has swiftly become a beacon for those craving a dose of sillyness, showcasing that the art of shitposting extends beyond the realm of TikTok. At first glance, their feed may appear haphazard, but a more discerning eye will reveal that their unique brand of memes is generating a remarkable level of engagement from their followers.



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A post shared by UP&GO (@upandgoau)


By cleverly tapping into trending topics and unabashedly promoting their brand, they have managed to captivate and consistently engage their robust following of 31.7K.



To shitpost for your brand, the first step is understanding your audience. Jump on the social platforms yourself and get to know the platforms you’re playing in. Stay up to date with online trends—these move so fast. Most importantly, you have to be willing to take risks. 

And if all of that sounds like it’s going straight into the ‘too hard’ basket, that’s where we can help. With a team of self-described shitposting supremes in the house, we can toe the line and create some edgy but impactful content for your brand, keeping your marketing fresh, young and hip. Get in touch here

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