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Being a Marketing or Brand Manager, a business owner or entrepreneur, we’re presuming that you are:

  • Time poor
  • Budget restricted
  • Need to be transparent and accountable
  • Under a lot of pressure to stretch your budget in record time

This is why we have created UMM.

We’re a team of hand selected experts in their chosen fields, who work together on brand solutions collectively, rather than in separate silos.

How does this benefit you?

  • Centralised point of contact
  • Seamless, simpler briefing process
  • Highly experienced group of integrated campaign professionals
  • Each department supports and augments one another from the outset through to the end-of-campaign

Corporate Profiling Services:

Corporate Public Relations Strategy, Development and Execution / Company Profiling / Executive Profiling / Crisis Management / Media Training / CEO Profiling / Public Company Profiling / Corporate Photography

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