Case Study

Bracken Darrell, CEO of Logitech International

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To introduce the CEO of Logitech International, Bracken Darrell, to Australia’s key business and technology media, highlighting the recent Logitech rebrand and future vision of the company.

To cement Logitech’s position in Australia as one of the global leaders in consumer technology.

To herald Logitech’s shift to a design-led company, under the direction of Bracken Darrell, who was appointed President of Logitech in 2012 and CEO in 2013.


UMM’s aim is to build the brand personality of Logitech in Australia, in line with the recent rebrand, which is simple, youthful, vibrant and confident.

We wanted to push the message that Logitech has evolved through a young and dynamic visionary CEO, Bracken Darrell, taking what was essentially a computer accessories company to one that creates experiences, enhancing people’s everyday life through beautiful design.

UMM sourced interviews with a mix of media from high-end, mainstream business through to the more niche tech and industry publications. These publications were selected to reach a variety of savvy consumers and industry peers.

Sky News
Mr Darrell also appeared on TV – on Sky News Business, in this instance.


Coverage was achieved across print/online, broadcast and television including, The Australian Financial Review, B&T, Sky Business News, The Australian, BRW, IT Wire, Tech Guide Podcast and CEO Magazine.