Harnessing UGC to Destroy Your Enemies: Drake vs Kendrick

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For those not up-to-date with online hip-hop news, Drake and Kendrick Lamar, two titans of the rap industry, are currently embroiled in an all-timer of rap beef. Skip the homework on how this showdown unfurled—there’s a treasure trove of drama to unearth elsewhere (check this out for the ICYMI). You can go down the rabbit hole in connecting this web of exchanges between the two over the last decade, but the discourse, stanning and allegations have been entertaining, if not alarming. 





In the social world, Metro Boomin’s leap into this chaotic rap battle royale is where the plot thickens. Metro is one of the most recognisable names in hip-hop production. Whether it’s his iconic producer tag, or his trappy, lively production, Metro commands recognition and respect in the hip-hop world. That is, from everyone but Drake.


In response to his name being slandered by Drake, Metro Boomin released one of the most hilarious instrumentals in recent memory, titled BBL DRIZZY, a reference to numerous articles speculating whether Drake (aka. Drizzy) did indeed get and pay for a BBL. No, the rumours aren’t linking Drake to the Australian Domestic Cricket Twenty20 Big Bash League (although it would be highly entertaining watching him take strike at the Sydney Showground and face a 145km/h inswinger); they’re suggesting he got a Brazilian Butt Lift (amongst other cosmetic enhancements).


Metro Boomin · BBL DRIZZY BPM 150.mp3



Whether there’s any truth to this rumour is beside the point. Metro Boomin dropped the instrumental online and issued a challenge: freestyle over the beat, share it and tag it with #bbldrizzybeatgiveaway. To sweeten the deal, he turned it into a contest with a Metro-produced beat and a cool $10K cash prize up for grabs.



Metro Boomin’s tweet went viral, racking up over 21 million views in under three days. The beat itself has amassed millions of streams, and a legion of artists have jumped into the fray, laying down freestyles with the hashtag, siding with Kendrick and Metro, and throwing shade at Drake. Metro has turned this rap clash into an all-out internet crusade, rallying the global online community to join the takedown. It’s user-generated content warfare at its finest. 



Here are some that have risen to the top:




Metro Boomin’s genius move has added fuel to the fire and set this world ablaze. His viral challenge not only stirred up the conversation that was already chart-topping, but it also showcased the power of social media and online communities. 



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