Pinterest and How it Can Grow My Brand

Pinterest and how it can grow my brand
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Pinterest is a visual discovery platform built to help its users find ideas. Whether it’s recipes, home decor, outfits or costume themes, Pinterest is the app for inspiration. It helps people find useful, relevant ideas and then bring them to life. Step one in the buyer’s journey is searching for inspiration, so when it comes to using the platform from a marketing perspective, it’s a no-brainer. So how do I approach the platform as a brand, and how do I achieve Pinterest growth? 

Get to Know the Pinterest Platform


The first step to leveraging Pinterest growth for your brand is understanding the platform. Pinterest is more than just a social media platform; it’s a powerful search engine. Users come here not just to socialise but to find inspiration, discover new ideas, and make decisions about their purchases. This makes Pinterest an ideal platform for brands to showcase their products and services. Pinterest growth is all about making your brand visible to the right audience. With over 400 million active users, you have a vast pool of potential customers waiting to discover your brand. 

Optimise Your Profile


Your profile is the first thing users see when they discover your brand on Pinterest. Make sure it is fully optimised with a clear description of your brand and any relevant keywords. Connect your profile with your website so there’s a clear connection between users getting inspired and making a purchase. 

Create Moodboard-Worthy Pins


Pinterest is a visual platform, so high-quality, engaging images are crucial for your Pinterest growth. Make sure your pins are visually appealing and representative of your brand. They need to be inspirational. 

Use Keywords Strategically


Just like any search engine, Pinterest uses keywords to deliver relevant content to its users. Include your target keywords in your pin titles, descriptions, and board names to improve your searchability and visibility. 

Promote Your Pins


Although organic performance on Pinterest is strong, the platform also has an amazing paid advertising platform that offers paid advertising options to boost your brand’s visibility. Promoted pins can help you reach a larger audience and drive more traffic to your website.


Pinterest growth is not just about increasing your follower count. It’s about reaching the right audience, engaging them with high-quality content, and ultimately, driving them to your website to make a purchase. With the right strategy, Pinterest can be a powerful tool for growing your brand. So, start pinning today and watch your brand grow exponentially on this dynamic platform.

If this all sounds like too much for you to handle on your own, don’t fret. With a dedicated social media department, we’re experts in mastering Pinterest. If you’re in the market, get in touch with our team here.