Runways to Runaway Stars: A Paris Fashion Week Recap

Paris Fashion Week Recap
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Fashion’s biggest week has come to a close, and, as always, celebrities and artists flock to front-row seats to see the next big ideas stomp the catwalk. But are fashion looks the only thing to be watching when models take the floor? Let’s take a quick retrospective at who made headlines this week and why we need to look up. 



The Baywatch star, actress, and media icon turned heads this week after attending many events stripped of makeup. The now 56-year-old gets candid, saying that “we all start looking a little funny when we get older” and rallies the notion that “there is beauty in self-acceptance, imperfection and love.”

It’s no secret that women suffer from the harsh spotlight of celebrity more than their male counterparts. Anderson’s ability to transcend the collective scorn that has marred the majority of her media tenure is a symbol of her brazen self-acceptance—which she wears here naturally and beautifully. 

Her rebellion to sport this no-makeup look had many celebrities step out in support, including Oscar Winner Jamie Lee Curtis, who shouts “THE NATURAL BEAUTY REVOLUTION HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN!” in a recent Instagram post.


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And it seems the public, including Gen Z, who may not be as familiar with the celebrity, have rallied behind her as seen underneath this TikTok published by i_D. Many comments agree that “Pamela Anderson is the Gen X role model I never expected to happen” and that “She is a Goddess.”

Ultimately, Anderson, who is now in full command of her public perception, steers the conversation in her favour, summarises her attitude astutely, saying “I’m dressing for me now, and not for everybody else.” 



Sabrina Bahsoon, also known as ‘Tube Girl’, has deviated from her explosive popularity on TikTok and taken to the runway at this year’s Fashion Week in Paris. Her popularity on the platform is largely attributed to her brazen confidence, dancing and lip-synching to viral sounds on London’s tube network in front of a bustle of casual traingoers. Bahsoon takes the phrase ‘dance like no one’s watching’ alllll the way to the tube. 

@sabrinabahsoon Delulu or manifesting ✨ #tubegirl shoutout to @In Print We Trust ♬ original sound – habz.fx

Her confidence has been noticed by many, awarding her a contract with Hive Models, and now, stomping the catwalk at various Fashion Weeks around the world.

After being enlisted by MAC cosmetics in London for last month’s fashion week, Bahsoon has been invited front row to many fashion shows, including Valentino, where she filmed a TikTok in her signature style. Other activities saw her observing shows at Balmain and Courreges, and stepping onto the runway for Christian Cowan. 

Social Media moves fast, and in the world of TikTok, celebrity can dawn almost overnight. To think ‘Tube Girl’ didn’t exist 6 weeks ago and is now regarded as one of fashion’s most lucrative stars is a testament to her refreshing confidence, which has inspired many Gen Z’rs to stop worrying about what others think, to let go and to have fun.



Valentino, who is under creative direction from Pierpaolo Piccioli, enlisted the help of musician/dancer FKA Twigs at this week’s Spring/Summer 2024 fashion show. 

Heroing femininity and creativity, Piccioli platforms the plight of women with a contemporary dance performance by Twigs and a troupe of dancers. 

FKA Twigs / Grazia

Twigs, who has been enlisted by Valentino before, in this crystal-veiled vocal performance at FW20, which went viral back then (and rewatched by many, *ahem*), has been invited to perform again. 

Fistfuls of sand, ethereal vocals and nude-clad dancers took centre stage while models walked the new ready-to-wear looks around them. Twig’s ‘Unearth Her’ performance, partly in reaction to increased attacks on women in Italy in the media, was designed to embolden the strength of women when faced with adversity. 

Oscar Nominee Florence Pugh took to Instagram to celebrate Twigs, stating that the show was “truly f*cking magnificent”. Piccioli, in a statement to Harper’s Bazaar concluded that “It’s important for women to be free to express themselves through their body and not be judged”.



Fashion Week is a large talking point around the world for many reasons that aren’t necessarily tied to fashion garments. Supported by conversations circulating on social platforms by the public, Gen Z and celebrities with influence, Fashion Week takes static conversation and proliferates them for many audiences to observe and weigh in. These three examples show that style isn’t conclusive to what you put on your body, it is the braveness of self-acceptance, the unabashed confidence to turn away when others stare, and the creativity to unearth important societal issues. And so what if there’s now a sweeping bed bug infestation in the event’s wake? 

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