Spotify Wrapped 2023 is Here!

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Unless you’ve managed to avoid tapping through Instagram Stories today, Spotify Wrapped is here. It’s that special time of year when we get to show off our own (and judge our friends) unique listening habits. It’s absolutely sent the UMM Google Chat into a frenzy, with some eager to flex their minutes listened, while others shy to expose that Speed Drive by Charlie XCX was their number one. “It’s almost like election night,” Louisa Ferguson, Spotify’s Global Head of Marketing Experience, says—and I don’t even think she’s being dramatic, the buzz is truly tangible. 


So what makes Spotify Wrapped such an anticipated launch every year? Let’s discuss. 


The success of Spotify Wrapped lies in personalised storytelling. By taking a deep dive into users’ listening habits throughout the year, Spotify creates a personalised summary that is catered to each individual—not to mention it comes in a cute, ultra-shareable Instagram story-ready tile. 


“Think of 2023 Spotify Wrapped as a celebration of the real, the realer, and the realest listening moments that defined our year. It’s the receipt that you’ll definitely want to keep—from the song you secretly couldn’t stop streaming to the artists and podcasts you weren’t shy to shout your unwavering admiration for.”

– Spotify


Music is a pretty intimate thing for many people, and many have a healthy obsession with their favourite artists. This year, Spotify has played right into these parasocial relationships with the inclusion of personalised video messages from thousands of artists thanking their fans for obsessively streaming their tracks. It’s a special touch, and I can’t lie, I did love feeling like Bad Bunny was speaking directly to me. 


@bella.the.rat me and mitski 5ever #fyp #spotifywrapped ♬ original sound


Whether you were blasting Olivia Rodrigo post-breakup or you had a Troye Sivan dance era, Wrapped lets you relive the highs and lows of your year through the songs that got you through it all. A new addition to 2023’s Wrapped was peak listening months, which allows you to pinpoint exactly when you went through a country music phase to impress that strange man from Hinge. 

Photograph: Spotify


Whether it’s your genre burger, where your listening habits live on a map, or your funky tarot card—each year, Wrapped’s look, feel and format get a refresh, which is all a part of the fun. It never fails to ignite group chats and the X feed alike, creating engaged and sometimes heated conversations and, more importantly, memes around music and podcasts. 


All in all, Spotify Wrapped is an exciting day for music lovers and casual listeners alike with Spotify showcasing its commitment to connecting artists to fans. Not to mention, it’s not often you get the excuse to bore your IG following with you’re favourite artist or top 5 songs. Happy Wrapped Day!


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