Case Study

PAG Identity

Branding agency Sydney. UMM work with PAG - PNG's largest insurance firm.
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Following a successful PR project conducted by UMM, PAG’s brief came in two parts:

1. Create a brand that would cement its position as a highly progressive local company and the largest health insurer in PNG.
2. Amplify the announcement of the new brand to the media and public.

″The logo was formed by interlocking the abbreviated letters of Pacific Assurance Group together like chain links. This communicates strength, dependability and integrity.″

corporate branding agency
The new interlocking, tri-colour PAG logo.
corporate branding agency
Icons designed to support the refreshed PAG brand, presented in the new colour palette.
Corporate branding agency. PAG Business Cards.
Rebranded PAG business cards.
Corporate branding agency. PAG Posters.
Posters replete with new artwork and the “Locals you can trust” tagline.


UMM set about creating a corporate identity for PAG, including logos, iconography, typography, colour palette, image library, and stationery that would embody the newly developed brand ethos. We were also asked to create event collateral, encompassing media board, event banners, fliers, invites, lanyards, posters, and EDMs.

In addition to this was the design of a suite of brochures and the conception of PAG’s first-ever website – one responsive to mobile devices.

The brand was launched through a multi-layered event activation that incorporated a footy clinic, media press conference, and a VIP launch event with highly reputable brand ambassadors.

Strategic branding agency. Football Clinic EDM and Event Lanyards.
The PAG Football Clinic EDM (heroing the names of the attending Legends) and event lanyards.
Strategic branding agency. PAG Football Clinic Logo.
The PAG Football Clinic logo, designed by UMM.


The logo was formed by interlocking the abbreviated letters of Pacific Assurance Group together like chain links. This communicates strength, dependability and integrity.

The outlined letterforms signify openness and transparency, while each letter being a different colour shows diversity in PAG’s communities and in how they support them.


The colours used were a progression from the existing PAG colours, as requested, but also introduced a new colour to mark a new era for the company. Blue was retained as a colour of trust; yellow was incorporated as a positive visual. The new colour, red, was introduced to underline the proudly local nature of this 100 per cent nationally owned company. It is a visual that is strikingly synonymous with the PNG national colours.