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UMM’s Social Media Team were employed to build the number of FOTSUN fans across the various platforms and communicate key messages through the FOTSUN pages. The FOTSUN community is highly responsive, so interacting with the fans in a tonally appropriate way would be of the utmost importance.

For both PR and social media, there would be certain key messages requiring amplification: this year’s FOTSUN would involve an interactive art component titled Wabi Sabi; on the music side of things, the 34-act lineup would be the biggest in the festival’s storied history.

Overall, UMM’s efforts would need to culminate in yet another year where FOTSUN’s tickets sold out.

″The FOTSUN community is highly responsive, so interacting with the fans in a tonally appropriate way would be of the utmost importance.″

Wabi Sabi
Punters being crafty at interactive art workshop, Wabi Sabi, which was held the day before FOTSUN kicked off.


UMM implemented a 12-week social media campaign, with each week featuring a unique mechanism and prizing component designed to keep FOTSUN’s social media presence fresh for users.

During FOTSUN, on-ground coverage would occur on the official FOTSUN channels and UMM’s socials.

Another distinct hallmark of FOTSUN would be UMM-sourced alliances with global brands Tsingtao (full backstage sponsorship, featuring branding and product) and Ultimate Ears (given away as campaign prizing).

Ecca Vandal
Ecca Vandal comin’ right at ya!


Not only did FOTSUN sell out, but the festival generated gargantuan PR-related social media results (using the combined reach of the media outlets’ social media accounts): 3,993,507 fans reached on Facebook, 866,221 followers reached on Twitter, and 846,824 followers reached on Instagram.

On FOTSUN’s Instagram alone, there were 2,442 engagements from 57 posts during and immediately after FOTSUN on Instagram. Overall, during the August – December campaign period, more than 2,000 fans were added to the Facebook account and over 1,000 to the Instagram account.

By extension of UMM’s work with FOTSUN, we recently commenced work with Meatstock, a BBQ festival co-directed by FOTSUN Festival Director Simon Luke.

Images: matthew j. photography

This is what’s commonly known as ‘The Ivan Ooze Effect’. What a set.