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Tsingtao Lead The Pack

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Having been a staple in Chinese restaurants across the Australian marketplace for over 20 years, it was time for Tsingtao Beer to live up to its true party potential.

A decision was made by Tsingtao’s Head Office to expand the beer’s market position in Australia. Instead of targeting men aged 35+ dining in Chinese restaurants, Tsingtao wanted to appeal to young professionals aged 18–35 who would buy their beer from bottle shops and enjoy it socially.

The campaign yielded record-breaking sale figures during the course of the three-month campaign.

Beer Case
The ‘Lead The Pack’ case, in all its glory.


In order to drive sales, a uniquely Australian Tsingtao personality, identity, and tone that would be required – one that would resonate with this newly desired target market.

Unlike certain other exported Asian alcohol beverages, the majority of Australians didn’t have a nostalgic connection with Tsingtao Beer, or its traditional Chinese culture. This meant we could give Tsingtao Beer a new and distinctive character for the local marketplace.

Branded GIF
Anyone for a crisp, refreshing GIF?
Branded GIF
Say it AND spray it – “Ching-dow” demonstrates its versatility.


Over the summer of, UMM strategised, developed, and implemented a fresh, integrated communications campaign. A connection with Chinese culture, and the similarities between the drinking cultures in China and Australia, was established – bridging the gap between the two.

Award-winning Chinese-Australian comedian Ronny Chieng was enlisted as the brand’s ambassador.