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UE BOOM Winter

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UMM was tasked with conceptualising, implementing and producing all the elements of an integrated communications campaign that spanned over 12 weeks between Sydney and Thredbo. The objectives were as follows:

″Establish an Australian brand presence and personality for the UE BOOM.″


UMM sourced a brand alliance and then secured a partnership with Thredbo-based company, OzSnow. We also secured a 12-week signage deal and renaming of Thredbo’s most popular bar, The River Inn, into the ‘UE Boom Garden’.

The coaches were wrapped in UE BOOM graphics, serving as giant mobile billboards. They were parked on College Street (outside Sydney’s Central Station) and drove from Sydney to Thredbo twice a week over the 12 weeks of winter. The coaches became a fixture at Thredbo, as they sat prominently parked in the popular ski town.

Aboard the buses, an UMM-managed promotional team demonstrated the UE BOOM’s features and engaged with commuters (this activity was amplified via social media).

Four influencers – celebrity couple Demi Harman and Alec Snow, Tai Hara, and Fely Irvine – represented the youthful essence of the UE BOOM, in addition to generating a media-grabbing “celebrity couple weekend” headline opportunity. The weekend was captured by paparazzi (contacted and hosted by UMM), as well as a documentary-style short, which garnered over 10,000 views on Facebook.


Influencer activity yielded two strong pieces of coverage, the first being a two-page spread in New Idea (circulation: 282,206; readership: 2,011,000) featuring Demi Harman partying in Thredbo at the UE BOOM Powered Party. Second was a single-page piece in Women’s Day NZ (circulation: 101,183; readership: 793,000), also featuring Demi Harman partying at the UE BOOM Powered Party.


UMM secured two runs in Daily Mail, Australia’s fastest-growing online news service. The first centred around the high-profile event taking place in Thredbo and UMM’s selected influencers. Imagery included the product and also Ultimate Ears signage. The second run specifically highlighted our quartet of influencers starring in a UE BOOM promotional video, developed by UMM post-event. (unique audience of 1,553,000) ran a single story featuring celebrities ‘chilling out in the snow’ for the UE BOOM Ultimate Ears Snow Party.

Online press runs in the Sunday Telegraph and Daily Mail.
Online press runs in the Sunday Telegraph and Daily Mail.