Greetings From PNG

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My workmate Leigh I have just returned from another unforgettable trip to PNG. Our closest neighbours, it’s fair to say PNG is different to Australia in too many ways to count. Different as to be from another galaxy in may respects, but this is the precise reason we’re always counting down the time until our next visit. Vive la difference I say!

We launched the latest MVIL PMV drivers competition which will see 15 rugby league-mad PMV drivers (PMV’s are public transport vehicles) travel to Australia for the NRL Grand Final. MVIL (Motor Vehicles Insurance Ltd) is PNG’s only motor vehicle insurer and UMM helped devise a rugby-league themed campaign on driver safety in the country.

Understand that rugby league is beyond a religion over there – spouses get divorced over State of Origin results, it happens all the time. No joke.

We unveiled some of the biggest names in the NRL including Greg Inglis, Cameron Smith, Benji Marshall, Scott Prince, Willie Tonga and Sam Thaiday to be ambassadors for the campaign.

My old rugby mate Steve Meade took us on a tour his neighbouring villages outside Boroka, and into a village on water. Yep, Waterworld. Getting around this village on a veeeeeery rickety wooden planked walkway is not for the vertigo-challenged or the drunk. Just another reason why our trips to PNG are always so memorable. Bring on our next trip!

Written by Glen Scott.