Trademark Turns Five

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Marking a milestone, Trademark Hotel was to celebrate its 5th Birthday. The iconic Trademark Hotel placed at the pinnacle of Kings Cross is the epitome of Sydney’s clubbing experience.

The main objective was to reward the existing clientele and Trademark patrons with a night never to be forgotten.


In an attempt to capture the moments and experiences in Sydney’s historic nightclub venue, aptly named Trademark, the theme of night is created; ‘Make your Mark’.

The concept was to make time stand still for a night that would be more than just a party. We strategically constructed a time capsule which would involve all guests to actively leave their mark from the night, to be re-opened on Trademark’s ten-year anniversary.


Our dedication to rise to the challenge saw over 300 guests attend the VIP event catering to their every clubbing need; good company, great music and a spectacular clubbing environment.

The ‘Make your Mark’ concept was executed with help from our sponsors Red Bull, Russian Standard and Polaroid. The event was filled with enthusiastic media guests, VIPs and local celebrities enjoying canapes and cocktails to celebrate the birthday. The birthday festivities were complete with special performances, Brazilian Dancers, International DJs and an International vocal performance.

Throughout the night the time capsule was filled with Polaroids photos, videos left by guests for their future selves, current media clipping, music lists and other memorabilia of the excitement-filled event.

Trademark’s 5th Birthday left guests in anticipation to recreate the night in five years time. See you in 2018.

View footage of the night on YouTube and Vimeo.