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PAG Brand Launch

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UMM PNG was commissioned to rebrand the leading Papua New Guinean insurance company, Pacific Assurance Group (PAG). The aim of the rebrand was to cement the company’s position as a highly progressive local company: one that is set to change a nation by protecting its people and workers with quality health insurance, and one that is of the highest international standard.

PAG was also looking to expand right through the Pacific and Asian region over the next five years, and the company wanted the assistance of UMM PNG for the strategy of this undertaking.

As a first phase rollout, UMM PNG was asked to unveil the new PAG brand and corporate vision to both the corporate and government sectors of PNG, as well as the general public.

The launch was to be PAG’s first event – one that successfully marked its current and future position as the industry leader.

″This was to be PAG’s first event – one that successfully marked its current and future position as the industry leader.″

PAG Press Clippings
Press clippings ahead of the Football Clinic launch event, featuring footy stars Andrew Johns, Gorden Tallis, and David Mead.


UMM’s design team rebranded PAG as a company with strength, integrity, local pride, and innovation. A corporate identity was created for PAG, complete with logos, iconography, typography, a colour palette, image library, and stationery that would embody the newly developed brand ethos. Also produced was event collateral, including a media board, event banners, fliers, invites, lanyards, posters and EDMs.

Also produced by our design team was a sales brochure and PAG’s first – ever website. Click here to read more.

On the physical side of things, the brand debut would occur through a multi-layered event activation that encompassed a footy clinic, media press conference, and VIP launch event with highly reputable brand ambassadors.


Our PR strategy centred on total public access to the Legends. UMM PNG devised in conjunction with our Experiential Marketing & Influencer Branding Department, devised to make Clinic participation possible for all kids under 18, rather than pre-selecting a school or junior team. We did this through a media call-out to the public, requesting submissions from all Port Moresby schools and junior clubs.

The PR strategy we employed maximised media coverage, as wide- access was granted to people. This enabled the topic to be regenerated weekly in all the national media, with regular updates on places left and chances of selection.

We also negotiated and secured a special Listener’s VIP Giveaway competition on three of PNG’s biggest radio stations. Through this strategy we were able to bring the wider adult general public into the equation, too. Thus, meeting the Legends was possible for everyone. On our travels in Port Moresby, everyone we spoke to knew about the arrival of the Legends and, of most importance, who they were associated with – Pacific Assurance Group.


We staged a press conference at our brand launch venue, Crowne Plaza, involving each of the Legends in an open Q&A format. By staging the press conference at the event venue, and prior to the start of the clinic, it was logical for media to stay on for the event, meaning editorial revolved around both the brand launch and the Legends’ presence in PNG.

All major media attended, including the major daily newspapers, national television stations, and radio stations: EM TV, The National, Post Courier, and Legend, Yumi, and Nau FM stations. All reported on the actual brand launch.


Media exposure included 53 individual media runs in print, on TV, on radio, and coverage online. Within this mix was two announcements (pre-recorded liners) twice every shift for a week + live crosses + interviews with the talent on Yumi FM, Nau FM, and Legend FM. This represented 42,000Kina in promotional value (at no cost, because of the VIP Giveaway proposal we submitted).

Every major media outlet covered the clinic and event, with the majority of key media attending the VIP event.

Media relationships have been bolstered, with an obvious opportunity to keep building the PAG brand profile, and, in kind, the profiles of Johnson Tia, Paul Affleck, and top management.