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A Social Campaign for Australia’s Youth in Lockdown 2020

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With the global pandemic hitting Australian shores in late March, Ultimate Ears wanted to reach out, entertain and inspire their young 18-25 year old music and festival loving audience during lockdown #1 2020.

UMM created an integrated Social, Digital + Influencer Campaign, bringing the festival indoors with WONDERHOME.

To do so, UMM created six “WONDERHOME” lineups – from KITCHEN: Beats + Eats, to the BEDROOM: VIP tent. Bespoke artwork and a curated playlist was developed for all six, accessible through a dedicated campaign website (in collaboration with Web Profits) as well as Ultimate Ears’ Spotify channel.

UMM led the six week social, digital + influencer campaign direction (incl. developing the brand and campaign Style Guide), created brand awareness and personality, further humanising the brand and the hero product, being the WONDERBOOM 2.

Georgia Productions, Ben Gerrans and Lily Grace Partying with their WONDERBOOM 2's

The six week campaign on Facebook and Instagram generated a Reach of 1.8M, 2.3M Impressions, 100K Engagements, and +6K Link Clicks to the campaign landing page.

The TikTok and Instagram influencers had a combined audience of 1.3M, generating 325K Impressions, +190K Engagements and achieved an engagement rate of 13.8%. 

The campaign was seen as best-practice globally , and leveraged across the Ultimate Ears global Instagram channel.



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