Brand Activation: #TsingtaoBeBold Nights Out Sydney

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Last Thursday saw the physical manifestation of this year’s #TsingtaoBeBold summer campaign, with a brand activation celebrating the bold characters of Sydney and Melbourne (starting in Sydney and moving onto Melbourne in late January).

Integrated communications agency Sydney; brand activation
So, who’s thirsty?
Aisha Jade, Lisa Clark, and Ashton Wood, pre-dinner; brand activation
Aisha Jade, Lisa Clark, and Ashton Wood, pre-dinner.

What is #TsingtaoBeBold Nights Out? At its simplest level, it’s a typical Thursday, with a Tsingtao twist. It’s an experience that makes you feel as though you’re drunk, except you’re completely sober (and then you crack a Tsingtao and take things up a notch). Anyway, allow us to break it down for you:

The Tsingtao-branded table tennis setup; brand activation
The Tsingtao-branded table tennis setup.

Delving deeper, this brand activation involved an intimate evening with a colourful cast of Sydney’s boldest and most diverse characters, co-hosted by UMM and representatives of Ettason, Tsingtao’s official distributor in Australia.

All of our guests hail from different backgrounds and have an assortment of interests – among them, modelling, sport, publishing, fashion, reality TV, barbering, tattooing, professional globetrotting – that capture what Tsingtao Be Bold, the brand, is all about. Whatever it is you do, own it completely: Be confident. Be yourself. Be Bold.

The influencers and guests engaged with every element of the night (yes, even some of the more daring dishes – Szechuan Hot and Sour Soup, we’re looking at you!) and took Tsingtao’s hand as it led them headlong into an experience that bridged the gap between both East and West, exemplified by the fact both cultures relish individuals who know how to celebrate themselves in the company of others.

The invitees were as follows:

Over the course of the brand activation, 33 posts were uploaded to Instagram by the influencers (whose combined audience totals over 600K), with almost 3,400 engagements resulting from these posts.

As is reflective of our integrated communications agency approach, UMM’s #TsingtaoBeBold Nights Out activation is just one part of many in this multi-layered campaign.

Influencer activations - brand activations, Tsingtao; brand activation
“And for the entrée we have: Braised Human Selfie Stick*.” *Not an actual dish

Take a look at the full gallery here.

Photos: Atilla Szilvasi

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To find out more about the new #TsingtaoBeBold campaign, please read our last blog, or visit: