Past processes Characterize Decade of Communications Change

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Remember sending press releases in the post? I do.

For those of us who have lived a life in the communications industry, we must be unified in excitement about this amazing new era of communication diversification. The advancement of technology is allowing us to expand our creative horizons at a rapid rate, into a world of multiple media platforms.

We can reach out to the masses in ways we never imagined when I started out in the 90’s.

As the co-founder of a PR firm, Use My Mind, in 1998, I remember the days of camera’s that only used film, duplicating transparencies at $1.50 a pop, running to the post office with 100’s of press releases we stuffed into envelopes until midnight the day before, fax machines and huge mobile phones.

We were no less creative, no less enthused, but worked within the limitations of technology. Sitting here writing this blog as my company, UMM, is officially launching into a full scale offering of Public Relations, Social Media, Creative Services, Website Development and Events, I reflect on what was and what the future offers myself, my team and my clients. For the first time ever, we can offer analytically measured targeted campaigns, strategically and creatively tailored to suit the explicit needs of each individual client and their audience within whatever medium is relevant.

This is the tip of the iceberg. Forget pushing the boundaries, everyone of us in this field have the opportunity to break the mould, create something new, discover the unknown and excite the masses.

UMM is apart of something worldwide, big and we are pumped to be in it right now!

Written by Nikki Stevens.