We’re Sold On Jordan Belfort

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UMM represent Jordan Belfort, aka ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, when he is in Australia on various media tours and speaking engagements. We are frequently asked if Jordan really is the best salesperson in the world.

This month I personally handled his PR campaign to launch his new business venture with Australian Company, Sales Acuity.

I was fortunate to spend a good amount of time with Jordan on this trip. I watched him in action, talking to large corporate heads and interviewing with some of Australia’s most serious business journalists, alongside more of the lifestyle media. And my answer is yes. He is the master.

What surprises most people when they meet Jordan is his down to earth approach, transparency and good cheer. With a reputation akin to the wildest Rock Stars on the planet, this man is judged by most well before they shake his hand. Everyone and I mean everyone, expects to meet a fast-talking shark, full of bravado. And yes, Jordan is by no means shy-he is supremely confident and can talk the talk. But people love him! I saw some of the most critical business journalists interview Jordan and at the end of each and every one, they all claimed to have really enjoyed the experience and found him extremely interesting.

But this doesn’t answer the question as to why he is the best salesperson in the world. My take is this: When someone is selling you anything, you have to believe it is a genuine pitch for you to buy. Authenticity, belief and passion are key. Jordan has all these elements in his repertoire. He never ducks from an attack on his past; he doesn’t lie about it or defend it either. This is a smart move, which has a surprising endearing quality to it. Jordan is also super smart, and his intelligence shines through when pitching his ideas. He is hard to refuse and poses convincing arguments every time.

Ultimately history spells it out. Whether it is for the right or wrong reasons throughout his career, Jordan Belfort has been successful in selling trades, education, his story, “The Wolf of Wall Street” to revered film director Martin Scorsese and hundreds of business deals.

The supreme salesman is Mr Jordan Belfort. Fact.

Written by Nikki Stevens.