UMM, WTF is an Integrated Communications Agency?

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by Benoit Thorp and Nikki Stevens
Joint MD’s. UMM

It’s a challenging and exhilarating era for communications agencies. Those who have invested in building a model to truly cater for a full-service offering in-house will be experiencing, like us, a whole new level of campaign success.

Buzzwords fly around our industry, and there are a couple that continue to buzz: Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) and 360 Degree Communications/Marketing Campaigns. In order to create campaigns that really work, it is important for both Brands and Agencies to understand the terminology and how it applies in an implementation sense.

We live in an era of constant change, especially in the way we communicate to and with consumers. This rapidly evolving landscape includes, but is not limited to, mainstream media, digital, new technology, multi-screen experiences, and live and interactive personal experiences. With this level of possibility, it can leave marketers in a state of uncertainty when deciding on a campaign direction – but that’s where we step in.

At UMM, we believe in a combined approach when developing our client campaigns, which incorporate the fundamentals of IMC: consumer behaviour is kept top-of-mind, but we also look at how we can reach the target demographic holistically, using all the main marketing and communication touch points.

To achieve this approach we created a new integrated agency model in 2010. UMM was one of the first boutiques in Sydney to make this move – and it worked. Our integrated communications agency is currently composed of a collective of experienced talent. UMM’s small and malleable expert teams have the ability to respond to the changing demands of the environment quickly.

The different in-house teams include:

  1. Creative
  2. Social Media & Online Publishing
  3. Influencer Branding & Activations
  4. Public Relations
  5. Company and Personal Profiling

The benefits of an integrated communications agency model are:

Collaboration is our practice – be that internally or with clients – and, thanks to a team of experts in different fields, we can successfully and relentlessly challenge each other’s ideas and concepts to finally land on exciting, innovative, and successful campaigns.

This integrated communications agency model and approach has opened us up to a diverse range of clients – both local and international, spanning across different genres. We work with many global brands on global campaigns, localising the strategy and developing new ways to cut-through to the Australian marketplace, which has become our USP in the industry. Our work is challenging and motivating for the overall UMM Team, who ultimately just love the craft.

UMM offers a down-to-earth yet creative experience for our clients and staff, which inspires ingenuity in the work.

We invite you to explore our different departments and case studies throughout the UMM website and shoot us an email if you would like to discuss any of your communication needs.

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